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G’nest*4 Composition Bird Nest Extract (IP)、Flaxseed Oil、Borage Oil、Cumin Seed Oil Scientific research achievements Bird's nest is a health sacred product for thousands of years, but the bird's nest in bird's nest is contaminated with "nitrite"-the excrement of swallows, but it is a major hidden danger to the safety of bird's nest. It is a historical progress to extract the essence of bird's nest and discard the useless impurities in the bird's nest to make capsules, so that the bird's nest can exert its true effect. G’nest was developed by Dr. Lim kah meng and has patented bird's nest extraction technology, the world's first 7 discoveries. Verified by A*star in Singapore, G’nest ’s patented formula has a significant improvement in human immunity. Break through the human's cognition of the limitations of bird's nest and get a more accurate understanding of the efficacy of bird's nest. Efficacy Bird's Nest Extract — 7 major discoveries (First in the world) ⚫ Enhance Immunity Against Infection------- Resistance to dengue virus Restrict dengue viruses replication upon direct application to macrophages (immune cells in human beings) cell culture. It effectively inhibits the replication of the virus in the body, protects the immune system from virus attacks, and enables the immune system to function normally to fight the virus. ⚫ Better Management Of Chronic Diseases---- Fight against flu, diabetes, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, etc. This discovery as an immunological concentrate could induce B-lymphocytes cells (white blood cells) to produce cytokines in culture. ⚫ Enhance Prevention Of Cancer ----- Prevent microbial infections and manage breast cancer Cytokines are “immuno-modulating” molecules that balance and regulates our immune system responses in our body. ⚫ Sustainable B-cell Cytokine Production----- Promote mRNA activity and accuracy This discovery as an immunological concentrate could have a dose-dependent effects on B-cells for cytokine production, including sustainable and prolonged effects. ⚫ Better Management Of Cancer And Influenza----- Inhibition of prophylactic prevention and recurrence of myocardial infarction The immunological concentrate could induce phosphorylation which activates IRF3.IRF3 (phosphorylated) has been linked with enhanced anti-cancer and anti-viral prevention properties through interaction with IRF7, another signaling molecule. This could potentially be used for post-myocardial infarction cardio protection (disrupts possible onset of heart failure). ⚫ Regulate Immune System---- Memory, autoimmune disease, septic shock, etc. As an immunological concentrate, it could induce NF-κB immune regulating pathway. NF-κB plays a key role in regulating the immune response against infection. ⚫ Balance Inflammatory Factors----- Preventing brain neurons such as Alzheimer’s As an immunological formulation, this concentrate balances the expression of proinflammatory and anti-inflammatory molecules in the brain, and reduces the number of inflammatory cells, thus reducing neuron inflammation and increases the production of nerve growth factor, consequently improving neuronalsurvival. Name: Aromatherapy Organic Essential Oils Kit*1 Size: 8 X 5ml. Kit Contains: Geranium, Lavender, Lemon, Sweet Orange, Peppermint, Rosemary, Tea Tree, YlangYlang Included in the kit is The Petite Guide to Aromatherapy booklet, which contains a guide to pure essential oils, aromatherapy blends, aromatherapy therapeutic index and much more. Extraction method: Steam distilled /cold pressed What is the difference between organic pure essential oil and fragrance oil? Many aromatherapy therapists have proved that the smell of organic essential oil is purer and the effect is more significant. Organic essential oil has a strong and pleasant smell. After the natural aroma enters the brain through the olfactory nerves, it can stimulate the anterior lobe of the brain to secrete two hormones, endorphin and enkephalin, so that the spirit presents the most comfortable state and protects the soul. Essential oils are essential to prevent infectious diseases, fight bacteria, viruses, moods, prevent inflammation, prevent spasms, promote cell metabolism and cell regeneration functions. Certain essential oils can also regulate endocrine organs, promote hormone secretion, and promote physical and psychological activities. All have achieved good development, so it has a very subtle effect on the human body. Most fragrance oil contains only a small amount of essential oil ingredients, and most of the other ingredients are chemical ingredients. Some fragrance oil use plasticizers and artificial chemical additives in order to stabilize the fragrance and slowly evaporate. Inhalation of such essential oils not oonly causes dizziness and nausea, but also causes hormonal changes in the body. Name:Nu-factor® Raw Vitamin C and BioFlavonoids*1 Nu-factor® Nutrients are grown organically, and come as food-form nutrients metabolised with supporting co-factors (like carrier proteins, lipids, enzymes, bioflavonoids, amino acids etc). This ‘food-matrix’ is essential for transporting the nutrients in your body and enables the receptor cells in your body to recognize and use the nutrients correctly and effectively.