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Supplier : Mywellness Pte Ltd

Far Infra-red 3-Minutes Magic Cup L (Made in Korea)

Product Origin : Korea

UOM : 1 Unit (1.13 Kg)


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Volume: 1.2 L Height : 13.8 cm H Weight: 1.13 Kg HealingYo Ceramic are made of natural minerals that are beneficial to the human body, and it absorbs the wavelength (microwave) of the microwave oven from the heating element inside the steamer and converts it into growth light, so you can use it more healthily without worrying about electromagnetic waves. Ceramic ware for heating and radiating of infra-red ray and preparation method thereof Heat-generating ceramics are capable of radiating far infrared rays which cooks food uniformly. Cooking time is reduced by using a heating element composition emitting far infra rays by absorbing the microwaves from microwave oven. CONSTITION : Heat-generating ceramics are capable of radiating infrared rays which are obtained by coating a heating element on the surface of a heat-resisting ceramic ware. The heating element contains a metal oxide heating material and a coupling metal, which absorbs microwaves and emits heat. The coupling material is made from selected minerals like petalite, cordierite or mullite. The contents of ferric oxide and tin oxide, which are the metal oxide heating materials, are 30-65 wt% and 10-18 wt% while the contents of the coupling material is 15-50 wt%. In addition, the heating material contains more than one selected compounds from zinc oxide and manganese dioxide. The coating amount of the heating material is 20-80 mg/cm^2.